Top 10 Diet Fads of the Decade

( Weight Loss ) - The top ten diet fads that have come on the scene between 2000 and 2009.

top 10 diet fads of the decade

Everybody is always looking for the elusive way to look weight. As the new year approaches there are those that will make a new resolution to lose pounds. In many cases they will look for a quick fix or fad to try to get the weight off. As everyone knows usually fads are only a temporary solution to the weight loss problem. Here are ten of the top diet fads that occurred between 2000 and 2009 which many of us heard about or might have even tried.

Subway Diet

Ah who could resist this diet fad? The thought of eating at a fast food restaurant and still lose weight holds much appeal. I don't care who you are. When the first commercials appeared on television with Jared as the spokesperson Subway knew they had a winner. If you went to Subway for lunch there were long waiting lines. All you had to do was substitute a sandwich for one of your meals, preferably lunch or dinner and you would lose weight. Now the trick was you had to choose one with 6 grams of fat or less for this to work.

3 Hour Diet

The premise of this one is that you eat every three hours from the moment you arise out of bed. until three hours before bedtime. It is supposed to stimulate your metabolism by eating smaller portions or mini-meals. Your body will get the right amount of calories at eat meal and won't store the additional as fat. The problem is the time it takes to prepare these the night before . If you have a job where you have one lunch break this poses a problem. You can't get away with eating all the time.

Mediterranean Diet

This is actually a very healthy diet. It would have to be a lifestyle change. And it is one that gets you to eat more fruits, nuts, veggies, fiber, whole grains, and healthy oils like olive oil. They don't espouse the use of red meat and prefer the consumption of fish at least three times a week. If you are look for quick weight loss don't try this, but if you are looking for long term overall health then it is for you.

Southbeach Diet

This was originally created for persons with high blood pressure or diabetes to help them with their health conditions. As weight loss was a side benefit it became popular for those without health issues. One big claim is that you can lose 10 to 15 pounds in only 14 days! There are 3 phases of weight loss that you have with the plan. You are restricted on the foods you can eat on the first phase. The 2nd phase is for the bulk of your weight loss which you stay on until you reach your goal weight. The last phase is maintenance. If you aren't good at staying on plans this isn't for you.


Marie Osmond is the current spokesperson for this weight loss company. They claim that by combing foods a certain way the glycemic index is lower which will help you to lose weight. The plan is simply a low calorie program where the food is already prepared for you. Women get to eat 1200 calories per day while men get 1500 calories. It will cost you anywhere from $200 to $350 to participate in each month. This may be a bit steep for many people. That may be the budget for an entire family. Once you are no longer eating the planned meals you'll gain the weight back. Some people may not enjoy the taste of the food so you end up throwing money away for food that you don't like.

Atkins Diet

The famous Atkins diet was all the rage. You don't eat any carbs at all. You only eat protein as this will help to burn fat from your body a lot quicker. They even came out with a line of food products to make it easier for you to eat the foods you love. They updated it to include fiber and healthier veggies. This is still a hard diet to maintain as you are constantly tempted by carbohydrates on a daily basis. It only takes one meal of carbs to throw your whole weight loss progress down the drain. You literally have to give up carbs for the rest of your life to maintain your weight.

Special K Diet

If you like cereal and want someone that is simple to prepare this is the diet for you. The concept is easy. You replace your breakfast and lunch with a bowl of Special K cereal. They claim that you can lose up to 6 pounds in only 14 days. The only problem is that is not a long term weight loss solution. You will need to incorporate some healthy exercise and eating habits once you stop eating this.

French Women Don't Get Fat

According to Mireille Guiliano the author of this book French women don't get fat. She tells the story of how at an earlier age she came to America and gain a lot of weight. When she went back to France her family didn't recognize her and put her on a special diet. This is how this plan came to be. The basic premise is that you don't eat any processed foods, cook most of your meals, and incorporate the use of food combinations to lose weight. She provides a lot of recipes in her books to set you on your way. Of course adding exercise doesn't hurt either.

Sonoma Diet

This is similar to Southbeach, and Mediterranean diets in that you have certain foods that you are regulated to eat. There are 3 phases or waves that you incorporate. You have a restricted phase or wave one, and longer time on phase or wave two until you lose all the weight you need. Then wave three is the maintenance plan. It is just as hard to maintain this one as well as the other diet plans.

Raw Food

Instead of going vegetarian you only eat raw foods. It is stated that the nutrition is lost once foods are cooked. You can eat anything to your heart's content as long as you don't cook it. You don't need an oven or a stove anymore, but will need to trade it in for juicers, dehydrators, and blenders. There are many recipes and blogs that are seeing an increase in this diet plan. Many claim to have lost weight and improved their health. Like with any diet fad you have to continue doing this forever to see any benefits.

Diet Pills

The latest diet pills that came upon the scene were Trim spa, Hoodia, and Alli. This is simply another attempt at a quick fix. After the death of Anna Nicole Smith the sales of trim spa dropped as she was the main spokesperson who attributed her weight loss to this product. Hoodia was seen by many as the miracle pill that they could use that would help them to eat extremely low amounts of food without having food hunger pains. Many times people were ripped off with fake ingredients. Alli is an over the counter pill that is claimed to be safe. However, the various side effects that occur diarrhea, oil leakage are not worth trying to lose weight with.

Remember diet fads are only temporary fixes. Nothing takes the place of exercise and proper nutrition. Once these fads have died down there will always be another to take their place.


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